Rev. Meti Ajin Ra'ah (Fekh Futi II)


We exalts in our Opus Luxuriae the matter and the energies which this conveys. We operate within a radical Gnostic current to which we refer with the figure 309 and whose coordinates are attesting on the interaction and turbulence of ש and ט, that mobilize the setian axis mundi allowing the formulation of the Alogos KHPR.

In a Universe created by the separation of Void and Chaos you are your Flesh. In the ant-path 26 the creation of pornografic images is a word of ע.

The Red Pig enter in the sacred Quadratum. We'll explore the transformation that the dung owns. An interaction between Set and the earth.

Creating the era of the Red Pig. How?

ק + פ + ה + ר + א + א + א + א = 309

ש + ט = 309

we are coming. we are an inversion. our number is the new 666.