Rev. Meti Ajin Ra'ah (Fekh Futi II)



“The effects of our actions are progressively destabilizing. Our actions have no effect outside of a deviant theocentrism and practical acausalism. A cyber eye that memorizes and re-proposes “all that is human”. The pornifcation of the Vision, the diffusion of indecent exhibition. The Cult of Materia, in its One lived as a Body, sexually exacerbated. The Cult that breaks down the Ego's resistance to be transmuted into Matter.

The Cult which is an instrument of perceptual alteration.

The pornified vision takes place on a playful level, which replaces the ritual context.

The provisional nature restores a significant dimension to physicality, involved in an out-of-the-ordinary in which the excess, the unconcluded and the redundant dominate.

A permanent, stable and pathological dimension.”



ב Our life is the way of God we will return to a pre-archetypal state where names fade away. the importance is transferred to creation not to the creator, who is traceable to an acronym, to a formula.


ל Our reserch continues to move parallel to the sphere of the sacred, we explore the sphere of the Impure, unifyng this perceived dualism.

קַיִן The Red man. קַיִן The acquisition. קַיִן Create and form. קַיִן The work in which God takes part. קַיִן The Matter offered justified the decision. קַיִן


Q.309 is the most powerful objection to the cause-and-effect pattern of traditional magic.


We are the active membrane that accompanies the cosmic line parallel and works for its disintegration.


Q.309 is the figure that determines the tendency to nullify everything, spontaneously creates turbulences and perturbations in the primordial structure of the Creation and charges the Matter with energy preventing its decay.


Our ecpirotic/anthropic system represents the last real alternative to the repetitive stasis of esotericism.


Our heterotic interaction of Emptiness and chaos increases the energy of the waves of probability that cross-link the universe and which are perceived as the logical cage of the cosmos ק

PORNEIA exploits the emptiness of discursive thinking by creating energy from subjective representations.

ALOGOS removes the structural framework of reality and projects the Matter into the cubic time.

ש – the abolition of the rite, “Know Him in all ways” ט – denies Himself, the unthinking light

The silence is mandatory. The field of the measurable has an ultimate limit. We observed from a superordinate space. The next reality of the Red Pig is generated by observation.


Time is A.Djed.EL inversed.

זבוב – adoring God in his form of Fly.

ha nefesh weha-sekel (the soul and the intellect) = 796 = leshon ha qodesh (the holy language) = sha'ashu'im (the PLEASURE)

22 is always a notable number. 22 is a bridge. 22 is permanent revolution. 22 is intoxication, crawing and unthinking. 22 is baptizing new Flesh.